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Another problem is that the bowl is utterly unlike any Sumerian object of the third millennium BCE, or the millennia before and after.

Adjustable Necklaces Many necklaces have extra links of some kind at one end so that the clasp on the other end can attach in different places to adjust the length.

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Die katholischen und die evangelischen Kirchen in Baden-Württemberg zeigen auf CMT vom 13. Januar 2018 in Stuttgart eine stärkere Präsenz als je zuvor.

But a closer look suggests the inscription is simply geometric filler or deliberate gibberish. It’s either a modern fake or possibly an ancient local oddity (or something in between that has been modified with cuneiformish).

And if anything, the face on the interior looks more like something produced by the local Tiwanaku culture (ca. So why does the ‘Fuente Magna’ bowl (it is unclear how it got the name) continue to resonate? For one thing, there is the question of contacts between the New World and the Old World. Humans evolved in the Old World (Africa, actually), left that continent for Asia, and eventually schlepped to the New World.