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This member keeps things positive and guides others to who they need to speak within the site. We reserve the right to remove your membership if we find that you do not keep with the “spirit” of the site. Be Cautious who you let in on details of your every day life. You need to keep you and your families safe from posers and predators. For the most part most people I have mentored and befriended have been “normal”… They may tell you of their experiences as a submissive but they are not advisors. All of this community information is copywritten and Little Kaninchen/sub Mrs. Dominance is guiding another to feel emotions unimagined, joys never before thought possible and affection without measure. I've been with the same lover for about 4 years, and married for about 6 months now. I hear him enter the room..moves about gathering what he needs. Submission is a gift that must be earned through passion and compassion, it can be given but never taken. who are living the way I want to outside of Experience Project. I've always been interested and curious about the bdsm lifestyle, but have never been sure how to act on that curiosity or how to bring it up... I know I did wrong, I knew when I did it that it was wrong. My mind raced through a file of excuses and names of people I could blame, but the sickening feeling hits when I knew I couldn’t pass on the responsibility for my actions... I had no idea that dominance was one of the factors they were measuring. I awaken with your arms protectively and lovingly around me; the scent of our love still lingering in the sheets. He steps in front of me, all I see are his bare feet.

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Start by just looking at my naked body, let your eyes linger... Sir as any good dominant is firm, fair and makes me a better person.

If someone comes on strong to me it's like I just go lax and my body is theirs to do with whatever they please. I'm 19 and have never had a master but I'm dying to explore and find one in the near future!

On Sunday my Master felt I needed a lesson on my place in the house so he tied me up with my wrists behind my back and tied to my ankles so I was forced to just sit and kneel like that. I recently saw a post about how a member of EP wasn't a submissive and never would be. and I realised I dont know the difference between being scared or turned on.

I will not tolerate abuse and that is what i was experiencing. I saw this article awhile back in the Daily Mail, and I am re-posting this for a buddy of mine on EP. It has always been fulfilling for me to obey authority, female authority in particular.

he didn't hurt me physically but he was doing me harm emotionally and that was taking a toll. This is about Gabrielle Reese (American professional volleyball player, sports announcer, fashion model and actress) who spoke up about being a submissive wife (pretty brave... I'm here again with another chapter of my life story. I have had submissive fantasies from the youngest age.