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Sometimes fraud occurs from within the business, owners should enforce annual leave and other policies to ensure staff rotation and identification of possible fraud.

Especially in the finance or accounts department, employers must utilise strict employment policies, carrying out police checks even, to ensure trustworthy people are handling the money.

Cheque fraud occurs when a cheque is presented to a bank and is either counterfeit completely or forged with copied signatures.

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Managers/business owners should try to ensure information on the cheque is current and accurate.Once the cheque is presented to a bank, based on approval the money is transferred and possibly lost forever.Here are some simple ways to look out for fraudulent cheques in payments you make and receive.Figures, names of payee, signatures can all be easily faked.So with all this knowledge of fraudulent procedures how do so many people still fall victim? The 2002 Dreamworks Studio film, 'Catch me if you Can', captures the life of a young fraudster, who by the age of 22 had forged cheques well over .5 million.Follow these steps to ensure that your business doesn't suffer from fraud!