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I originally thought I should, but then my friends told me I didn't have to do that if I didn't want to because my disability doesn't impact the type of activities I'm into, or who I am, or even my day to day.

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Before he left her she whispered something in his ear and he smiled and nodded.

I got the feeling we might have a surprise or two before the evening was over.

It's an unusual offer and if any of what I say offends you or upsets you, just stop me and I'll say no more." "I'm all ears." "Tom may be more put off than you, now that I think of it. "But what do they have to do, these attractive young women?

She was dressed in her schoolgirl outfit, the way she'd appeared in my office several days before.

The only added accessory was a tie, of all things, so that her crisp white shirt had to be buttoned all the way up.

Her school tie dangled down between the stunning twin globes. The men at the bar came down to take a seat in front of the stage. The more older men the better." "What about younger men? She was standing up, unzipping her mini-skirt, letting it fall to the floor.

Dan appeared, seemingly out of nowhere, and stood at the back with Raymond and me. She slipped the shirt off also and stood there finally wearing nothing but her school tie, her garter belt, and her black nylon stockings.