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When everyone feels right, if it happens, then it happens. Access: But how did the rumors about a permanent split start? I think it was like the Summertime Ball, like a massive gig in Wembley Stadium. So you know, so I don’t remember much, but then the media said she hit on me.

Siva: I think--well we released a statement saying that we’re going to go on a break and to do our own stuff and then Max [George] released an article in the U. which kind of said we split and it kind of went crazy from that. I think after the rest he had, he’s been very careful. It’s a relationship that they’re going through a lot of stuff. Let me read you a sample lyric: “I got one less problem without ya…” Siva: Oh wow I don’t know, and if it is then they need to get on a phone call and talk about this. And we went to a club afterwards and I think I spoke to her briefly in the club. Access: Do you and your fiancée have any free passes? Nareesha used to say that I get a pass with Jessica Alba. Siva: I want to go into acting or singing and I’ve got a lot of songs ready now.

The older boys in the dorm had told horror stories about that building. There is no need to make this date awkward after all. And sounds incredibly dangerous." Harry was gazing at his friend trying to decide whether to annoyed that she had been putting herself into a potentially hazardous situation just to take some electives or impressed that she had managed to time travel under everyone's nose for over half the school year."Well the laws of time are not well understood and from what little I could make out of the arithmantic theory they contradict themselves anyway.

After all if it makes them happy, they might as well go for it.""You think Nev would go along with it? Snuffles bounded up behind her and promptly licked Harry's hand before sitting down beside the boy and presenting his ear. If magicals could time travel so many problems would be…" Harry trailed off as he noticed the panicked look in Hermione's eyes. They had considered bringing Susan in as well, but Amelia Bones had asked them to wait as she wanted to explain the situation to her ward herself. She was still annoyed with him but was standing by Harry's decision to at least let him try to work up to some sort of relationship with the kid. Giving a soft snort of amusement she leaned up against the wall and called out, "Those essays look a lot shorter than the two feet ones that were supposedly assigned, Lupin."Glancing up Remus shrugged, replying, "Well seeing as how Severus had no business assigning that essay to begin with I felt it far more prudent to grade my students on the work they had already accomplished prior to my absence.""Well we both know why he gave that work out.""That we do.Siva: I think they’ve got nothing to worry about as regards to us… I think well done for them and they’re flying the flag for the U. Access: One Direction and The Wanted were supposedly feuding this whole time. Access: Max’s name is on Lindsay Lohan’s alleged lover’s list. If it happened then obviously he should be on the list. Was there any truth to that or was it the media’s fault? There were a few Twitter comments that were passed, sent along and there were a few replies by a few of the boys. Access: Do you feel like you and your fiancee Nareesha [Mc Caffrey] were unfairly portrayed as the villains on the show? People didn’t really discuss the kind of roles you’re going to have and we ended up being some sort, some type of villain. Look at me [laughs] and yeah I was really upset with that because that’s not who I am. Access: Is Max George really as big of a ladies man as the show made him out to be? We’re on our way back and this homeless guy came up to us and asked us for change from me and Jay.We gave him his change, a few dollars, and he said thank you and he walked away and he goes, “Hey guys check this out.” So we went back, stupidly, just to check what he was yelling about and he pulled a knife on us. we didn’t know what to do and then this couple came around the corner and kind of defused the situation. It was one of those situations where it could’ve been awful. We gave him like or , which is I think is fair. Access: So what exactly is going on with your band? However with what Shiva has morphed into I probably own her.