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Moreover, the successful student has a mindset to be challenged (but not overwhelmed) to glorify God through his or her seeking a deeper relationship with Him.
It can be described as a quasi-autonomous non-government organization governed by an "independent" foundation appointed by the Swedish government and representing the country's parliamentary parties.

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It is perhaps also a good idea to learn some basic Kurdish; many Kurds (both officials and locals) fear foreigners are wanting to join ISIS, so try convince them that this isn't the case and they will live up to their reputation of being extremely hospitable!

However, avoid going to the disputed cities of Mosul and Kirkuk.The disputed city of Kirkuk and other disputed areas has been retaken by the Iraqi government, the Iraqi government has (as of 13th Nov 2017) closed the Kurdish international airports to all international flights and the Iraqi government is reported to have put its soldiers in the no mans land in the boarder crossings.Adding to this Turkey and Iran have threatened to close the boarder crossings.You may also find mini vans (dolmuses) willing to take you for free on the Iraqi side, you can normally find them in petrol stations filling up their tanks before they head over to the more expensive Turkey.However, be warned that they offer you a free ride because they want to use you to smuggle cigarettes, tea and other goods across to Turkey. Except for the autonomous Kurdistan region, Iraq is a dangerous place. There are unverified information that checkpoints are infiltrated so that when they see your foreign passport on a road checkpoint they can very well call their friends who are going to wait for you somewhere on the road to kidnap.