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It might still function on ESXi 5.5.x, but the device is not supported on ESXi 5.5.x.For a list of devices that have been deprecated and are no longer supported on ESXi 5.5.x, see the VMware Knowledge Base article To determine which guest operating systems are compatible with v Sphere 5.5 Update 3b, use the ESXi 5.5 Update 3 information in the VMware Compatibility Guide.The first two arguments are for the Install Shield application, /S requests a silent installer, and /v lets the application know that you’re going to pass switches directly to the MSI.For information about upgrading your host with third-party customizations, see the v Sphere Upgrade documentation.

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The arguments are: Tip: Here’s what all of those funky switches do.

Once completed, the missing feature is now installed.

Note that you can also use a script that calls the installer, or just bake this into your template / bootstrap process.

If you’re looking to fix one server, this method would suffice. Let’s install Guest Introspection to a bunch of VMs, easily.

If you take a peek at the v Sphere 5.5 public documentation, you’ll see a page that describes a few VMware Tools silent installer examples.