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Merely possessing a card that doesn’t belong to you with the intent to use it is enough for a fraud charge.

So is buying, selling or accepting cards that you know to be stolen.

This includes information that belongs to a child under 18, a deceased person, or a person who was stillborn.

Texas criminal law automatically presumes your intent was to commit fraud if you have information for three or more people.

Check forgery – Stealing an unsigned check from someone else for the purpose of passing it as yours, even without actually passing it.Or filling in, signing and passing a check that does not belong to you, without the owner’s permission.You don’t have to be the one who stole the check to be charged.However, a conviction could still affect your future, barring you from getting certain jobs in retail or financial fields or in any other profession where you might have access to money or other people’s personal information.We can help you fight these fraud and related criminal charges.This could include giving a fake or stolen Social Security number, giving a fake name and address, or misrepresenting your income, financial obligations and ability to pay.4.