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Be a mysterious woman dating

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It’s like being a bit of a tease, but they’re playing with your mind so well that you won’t be able to stop thinking about them.

Now isn’t that a really fun yet effective strategy that you can use in your dating life?

But if you want to appear mysterious, then start by not replying to a text or call as soon as you receive it. You’re not actually ignoring them, you’re just living your life, and are so busy doing other things that you couldn’t respond right away.

That’s the opposite of clingy, and we all know that being clingy isn’t a good look.

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He might call or text multiple times a day or even worse, multiple times in a row.[Read: How to be a sexy seductress without making it obvious] #4 Be unique. Be who you really are without feeling the pressure to just go with the flow all the time.When you have your own sense of style, it means you have your own look, and you definitely don’t look like everyone else around you. If you want to be mysterious, then be the unique you that you’ve always been. Stand out from the crowd by wearing that outrageous outfit you’ve always wanted to wear. That guy or gal you’re into will definitely be intrigued by the way you’re not fazed by the opinion of others.[Read: 10 awful dating habits that are keeping you single] #3 Less is more.Just because you meet someone you are into and excited about, doesn’t mean you have to tell them your entire life story in the first 30 minutes of meeting one another.Less is more, and in this case, a lot less is more.