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[Note: Later in the film was a view of the two males peacefully sleeping in the same bed together.]In another scene, Mick and friend Wallace went joyriding on a stolen motorcycle during a truant day from school.

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Five months on from his release from hospital, Mr Rees-Jones still bears the scars of his horrific injuries, most strikingly a five-inch welt which meanders from his left nostril across his cheek, but his health has improved remarkably.

He has returned to light duties four days a week at Harrods and friends in his home town of Oswestry say that he is hoping to begin playing for the local rugby team again in September.

The woman suffered minor injuries and Sinclair was arrested at the scene on suspicion of drink-driving, common assault and criminal damage.

However, at a meeting with his psychiatrist last Wednesday, Mr Rees-Jones remembered "a little more" (his own words).

However his decision to speak about the fatal night may shock many people.

When Mr Rees-Jones made his first, faltering steps into the full glare of the media spotlight as he left the Pitie-Salpetriere Hospital in Paris last October, it seemed somehow appropriate that he was wearing sunglasses.

This is the most famous Trevor in the world." To be honest, one struggles to think of any competition in terms of world- famous Trevors, but you catch Mr Morgan's drift.

His purple prose was all part of talking up the "exclusive" interview with Mr Rees-Jones which begins today in his newspaper.